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Transforming an IT business or introducing a new vertical isn’t a piece of cake. IT Consultants assess a business’s strength for scalability and potential. Introducing AI, VR, and other novel technologies require expert assistance for understanding and implementing discovery.

We offer a complete range of IT consulting solutions, be it a technological revamp, tech policy revision, enterpriselevel software development, business continuity and disaster recovery plans, IT architecture evaluations, or technical audits.

Consort Solutions takes a purely organic approach towards consultive approaches, allowing long-term growth of a company/brand/business.

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Our Consulting Roadmap

Providing top-tier consultation is possible when we know what to ask from the client. Understanding clients’ requirement leads to an appropriate solution.
Breaking the problem into key solutions helps a client better understand what we’re proposing. Also, the problem breakdown structure gives a detailed overview of the situation and solution.
As a premium consultant firm, our experts have an apt knowledge regarding which problem to address; prioritization is our forte.Determining which element shall have a lasting impact on your IT structure and working towards it, the better results we see in the eminent future.
We devise a pertinent work plan after meticulous problem analysis. Our experts work on drawing a work plan to resolve the issue, assign tasks to the team, and provide you with working deliverables.
For further enhancements, our team utilizes quantitative analysis of a client’s organization via interviews, surveys, and one-on-one interactions with employees/partners and gathers data for comprehensive analysis.
Once we’ve gathered enough data for detailed analysis, we combine the findings from the initial hypothesis.It helps decide accurate solutions for the problem as organic data drive insights.
After completing this extensive journey, conclusions are drawn. Based on it, we offer our expert judgment and recommend what’s best for the organization. In some cases, revamping the structure is the best choice and in some adopting a different methodology is enough.

What is IT Consulting Firm?

To assess IT business strategy, IT experts thoroughly understand how things are and how they should have been. The journey from “how things are” to “how things should be” can only be achieved with the help of an IT Consulting firm.

Determining the best solution, developing high-grade software, restructuring business architecture, and introducing digital novelties; Consort Solutions offers all under one roof.

Till now, we’ve successfully impacted 100 projects, including IT revamps, IT audits, IT restructuring, etc., for businesses of complex nature including Retail, FinTech, AgroTech, Real Estate, EdTech, etc.

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Optimize technological capacity by integrating innovative solutions.

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Enhance IT processes while reducing risks and showstoppers

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Eliminate Business costs by improving IT strategies.

Consort Solution’s IT Consulting Facilities

CIO as a Service (CaaS)

Consultation is not all about products and systems; people matter too. Decision validation is a necessary process on which numerous financial decisions are based. CaaS (Chief Information Officer) helps a business acquire scrupulously and update its strategic structure. Consort Solution’s core technical solution has more than a decade of experience in technology domains, including programming languages, web & mobile app development & AI.

Architectural Revamps

It's useless to keep a product that no longer serves the purpose related to business objectives. Revamping such products is necessary; by doing this, your product will be rapid in computational speed, upgrading technologies, restructuring methodologies, and much more.

Tech Structure & Visions

Comparing your ROI with another’s ROI is a disagreeable act. But, if you wish to boost and achieve the dream results, your business needs to be technologically equipped with the latest tech upgrades and structuring.Consort Solution offers facilities to develop tech structuring and its vision, determining the implementational needs of the IT business, etc.These changes provide a user-friendly organizational structure and innovative solutions, and become fully equipped for future challenges.

Tech Assessment Frameworks

Assessments of your business’s tech framework should meet the organization’s requirements. The early detection of security lapses, architectural reviews, revised baselines, etc. Consort Solution’s consulting service offers business design analysis, structural reviews, IT infrastructure evaluations and audits.

Business Continuity & Disaster Plan

Organizations must have business continuity helps a business in surviving any IT ad-hoc disaster. If a company don’t have this, IT consulting firms assist you. Consort Solution offers timely evaluations of the organization, its input parameters, devising recovery plans, and others to re-launch the product into the IT ecosystem.

Business Assessments & Codes

For a business to thrive in the IT realm, constant assessments and reevaluations are mandatory items. The software's efficiency depends on code optimization and the preferred programming language. Consort Solution can assist you in determining the code's maintenance and coordinating with the organization's goals leading towards organic growth and market visibility.

Tech consultant specialists from various Industries

We’re a company having 10+ years of experience under our belt; altogether, we’ve accomplished 100+ projects related to IT development, tech revamping, restructuring, and more.

Working with us has numerous benefits, including achieving business dynamics. Your business can be related to any complex field, and we will have the best consultant on hand to offer you.

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Advantages of IT Consultants

Always keep in consideration below points while finalizing an IT consultant firm:

Pocket-friendly & Time Efficient

Solving preexisting problems is far more complex than implementing proactive plans. We at Consort Solutions offer many facilities, including software development, tech consultation, infrastructure revamping, project revamping, UI/UX, etc.When integrated optimally within a business’s structure, all these facilities lead toward reduced costs, product customizations, business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and much more.

Business Values Enhancements

Every business is proficient in what they do; we all offer unique service that has various benefits to your business. Consort Solutions is best in a few things: we’ve got the best tech minds that think like a business person and similarly take decisions.Our development team is pro in developing any product, web or mobile app; our consultants offer the best tech advice and much more.With a reliable tech consultant, focusing on business value enhancements is easier; every other aspect of your business operates seamlessly, thus leaving room for companies to expand and explore new horizons.

Augment Business Dexterity

With a professional tech consulting firm, the chances of a business having dexterity are regular. Consort Solutions consultants offer extensive experience in various business fields. You can rely on our consultants to suggest new ways for business growth, broad perspective,and market penetration while amalgamating various tech and management approaches to achieve the best results.

Return on Investment

It's a new reality, where most businesses are virtual, so the quality of your technologies is crucial. A hired IT consulting team will aim at getting you an ROI quickly via excelling your business operations and technologies. You will be provided with consultancy service in trending hardware or software that makes a difference for your company compared to your competitors.

Improve Business Processes and Systems

The IT consultant will help you improve your productivity by streamlining your business processes and systems through implementing and maintaining technologies.

Why Work with Us?

We understand the criticality of having a brilliant tech strategy that aligns with business goals. For a business's peace of mind, we have a proven track record of successfully deploying IT strategies and developments in our portfolio.

Consort Solutions' chief experts and senior leads are apt enough to handle any challenge thrown their way. Offering project personalization, establishing KPIs, and religiously following them provides maximum results and 100% client satisfaction.

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Our Case Studies

Case Image
Social Media

Android and iOS mobile app with automated payments, add geolocation services, integrate local market stakeholders, and as a result - the product for rapid grocery delivery in 15 minutes? Say no more...

Case Image
Uride App

Meet one of our clients – Drum! This 5-star application is a platform designed for creators. That’s a great tool for people who care about their personal brands to engage with their followers, earn...

Case Image

Our client, a technology solutions company in MedTech, aims to make the latest technological advances available to millions by providing high-caliber, more affordable solutions to all. Target audience:...

Case Image

Our main goal was to develop a digital platform for healthy habits called EinkaufsCHECK. We aimed to create a hybrid app for iOS and Android for the easiest and most accurate diet tracking and food...

Case Image

Our client is a secure, automated platform that streamlines the merchant cash advance process and enables ISOs and lenders to manage their businesses from one centralized, convenient place. Combining...

Case Image
United Builders

For Crave retail Geniusee has developed 2 enterprise mobile applications that solve the double-sided problem for every shopper visiting the fitting room. The Fitting Room application allows shoppers...

Case Image
Admin Panel

Outstanding case in Consort portfolio, Pause – mobile app for meditation. iOS application was downloaded 1000+ times on the launch day.

Case Image
United Builders

The Ajuma company was founded by a couple after the birth of their child. They wanted to protect their baby from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation sunburn and from potentially generated skin...

Case Image
Dashboard Collapsed

Zedosh is a new digital advertising platform that financially empowers Gen Z. Using Open Banking, we provide insights into their spending behaviour, tips on how to master money and crucially, the ability...

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