Product Designs in Sprints

There’re various methods by which a business can improve the product’s UX experience. However, developing UX experiences are time-consuming and with iterative enhancements.
Product designs, including Sprints, are another approach to test the development of our product—the process targets the team to understand goals and work accordingly.
The process utilizes short yet aggressive timelines for development, testing, gathering feedback, and refining the product before launching it to the world.

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Importance of Product Designs in Sprints

Integrating this phase helps in minimizing the development timeline and maximize product value in no time. With an MVP, a business shall have a clear understanding of what to expect from its product’s launch.

Benefits of Product Designs in Sprints
  • Enhanced understanding of targeted users
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the final product.
  • Experimenting with novel tech to widen the product’scapabilities.
  • Transparent communication.
  • Minimizing the budget over boarding by iterative testing.
  • Redeeming better results due to dynamic collaboration.
  • Witnessing real-time users validate the product.
The Idea needs Product Designs in Sprints because:
  • Earlier innovation failed, and the product was shelved
  • Product to rapidly reach the market ecosystem.
  • Product to be relaunched into the digital realm and reinstate relationships with businesses and brands.
  • Customers are despondent with the UX and avoid using the product.
  • When the product required an expert team and an intense working schedule.

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Method Product Designs in Sprints Utilizes in Consort Solutions

Who is the Design Sprint team?
Always: Project manager, business analyst, designer, technical specialist.
Sometimes: Marketer, decision-maker.
Avoiding the Product Designs in Sprints leads to the following:
  • Incorrect problem analysis, faulty development, and erroneous decisions.
  • Miss the main idea by miles.
  • Assume the client’s idea as the primary focus.
  • Unable to collect organic feedback on the product
How long does it take?
Five days, one working week.
What does this team do?
Progress bar Progress bar
  • On Monday,

    Product mapping, establishing points of focus, and creating the roadmap

  • On Tuesday,

    Analysis the problem and develop devising appropriate solution(s).

  • On Wednesday,

    Transforming the idea from paper into a test-able MVP by exploring various ideas.

  • On Thursday,

    We hand-over the MVP to client for testing.

  • On Friday,

    The client can test it with real-time users

Product Designs in Sprints Deliverables are:


Product Designs in Sprints Understands

  • Users.
  • Their Needs.
  • Product Content.
  • Competition & Market.
  • Determine Strategy.


  • Envision
  • Develop lots of solutions
  • Ideate


  • Choose the best idea
  • Storyboard the idea


  • Build something quick and dirty to show to users
  • Focus on usability not making it beautiful


  • Show the prototype to real users outside the organisation
  • Learn what doesn’t work

Consort Solution’s Product Designs in Sprints Advantages:

  • Best Agile delivery
  • Impeccable designing team.
  • Refined products with market innovations.

We know the importance of brilliant software development, but this is not the only thing your product need. The actual necessity of a product is understanding the customer's need and an incredible team.

If you want to have a unique product, you require two things:

  • Out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Credible team to make it happen.

We at Consort Solutions apply product-centric techniques to provide our clients with a fully-functional prototype that’s tested, verified, innovated and adds value to the business.

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